How do we frame our Cultural Identity?

This is just a bit of fun although, as you may detect in some of my responses, one or two of the questions did make me think long and hard. If you fancy having a go yourself, just C&P in to Word, delete my answers and off you go with your own. Enjoy…..

My Cultural Life

Blog questions originally inspired by a Cumberbatch interview and carried by her friend Hazel, then my friend Sam, who tagged me. Here are my answers.

1. Favourite cliche:

If you want something done properly, do it yourself.

2. Poem known by heart:

None springs to mind – lots of my own that I wrote for my daughters, but I think my memory is going- its possibly early on-set dementia creeping up on me. I want to learn E.E Cummings: I Carry Your Heart….its wonderful!

3. Guilty pleasure:
I do like a flutter on the ponies.

4. The first record you bought:
David Soul: Silver Lady (stop laughing – he was Hutch after all!) The first CD I ever bought was Paul Simon : Graceland, so I feel I redeemed myself.

5. The book that changed your life:
There are many – I love books that make me think and re-evaluate my life, so: Paul Theroux – his travelogues, Sylvia Plath poetry, currently reading Leningrad by Anna Reid- that provokes some reality checks!

6. What’s your audition piece:
“Now is the winter of our discontent…..brought back in to this world and having to remain IN LEICESTER!”

7. Favourite film:
The Way, A Good Year, Billy Elliot, Some Like it Hot

8. Favourite villain:
Servalan in Blakes 7- no question! Still remembered with joy!

9. Who would you like to play you in the film of your life:
Not me – anyone else…maybe my Ex…to bring out the “unseen qualities” …..

10. Favourite hour of the day:
Dawn- no question! Coffee in hand, watching the sunrise. It’s motivational and all that stuff…the evenings are too lonely!

11. Do you have any irrational fears: NO – the real fears are all too real and that’s more than enough to be going on with

12. Recurrent dream:
Losing my children

13. What’s worth fighting for:
My children

14. Signature dance:
Oh…there’s so many, but apparently I’m NOT allowed to do any of them any more…#daddancing

15. What’s your USP:
That’s a tough one because the key values that I hold most dear definitely wouldn’t make a USP as such. I’m a decent, thoughtful, sincere and patient guy- trust me- whatever they say –nobody really wants that!

16. Money or sex.
What’s Sex?
17. Apollo vs Dionysus:
Dionysus – but see Q16.

18. Dylan or Hendrix:
Neither – just never liked either. Sorry.

19. James Dean or James Steward:
Should that be “Stewart”? Can I go with James Spader?
20. Optimist or pessimist:
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I’m a would-be Optimist. I believe in the greater good of the world over the apparent and far too well publicised vast amounts of bad, but I’m not sure I’ll ever see a share of that so……

21. Minimalist or Maximist:
Stupid question – I drive a Vauxhall….

22. Grace Kelly or Grace Jones

Grace Jones…Kelly…Jones…Kelly…Jones…Kelly….er….Yes

23. Lennon or McCartney:
No point having one if you can’t have the other

24.What’s your fancy dress:
I was an excellent Baron Samedi a few years back! Or Honey Monster

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